Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DermaGlow Free Products!


DermaGlow Eye Lift and Foaming Cleanser

Today, I woke up very late. The first thing I do is go to the kitchen to find something to eat. Guess what I found? My mom quietly debating whether she should open up the box these products came in before I even got to them. Such a curious woman. Finally, she realized I was in the room. Like a kid on Christmas Morning, she quickly handed it to me and demanded me to open the box quickly! Oh mother.

I had forgotten all about DermaGlow sending me free samples. I signed up on Sheinspiresme's website in the hopes of winning a free trip to Varadero Cuba and they were sending out free samples of DermaGlow. No Purchase Necessary. Also, they ask you to write a 500 word story about Who Inspires You. Of course, my dear Mom. I honestly thought the samples were going to be in small sachets and mini bottles. To my surprise, I found a regular sized bottle of Foaming Cleanser and the Eye Lift Roller when I opened the box. Total score!

Anyways, I am huge when it comes to Skin Care. I started using the Clarisonic (Which I love btw! I'll write about that later) and the Gentle Cleanser that came with it last week. I'll do a product review on this sometime in the future when I decide to use it. Unless my Mom tries them before I do, LOL. To get your free samples, click here. Offers last until May 1, 2011.



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